math class is the class where your inner artist comes out more than in your actual art class


welp that happened didn’t it, Jelly?



can we please appreciate how snake changes his voice for each of his snakes and their personality because it is the sweetest thing ever

I was cracking up so hard the first time he did it it was beautiful

I love you Snake


OH I just noticed that I missed this one for Aokuro’s Sex pistols Au (is how it should be called? what does au stand for…?)

I can’t remember why I draw this egg under Kuroko in fact bat should not be born from egg…I just…don’t know why so don’t blame me about this…(´・_・`)

Next month! I have several fanbooks to prepare and lots of work to do so it’s gonna be super busy I think…but i will still check my tumbr pretty often so welcome to ask me anything ξ( ✿>◡❛) ! I will do my best to answer all the questions~

Have a good night~!



mk9 fighters with facial/body damage detail. requested by ghosthustler [x]


As I said, here’s the second part of Haikyuu!! rule 63 characters I love but who didn’t make into the previous post.

This was so fun..I’d wish I have like 4 extra drawing hands so I could draw all of Haikyuu characters;___;

"I’ma fuck the dog"

- anyone when first starting DMMD (via dropdeadesu)



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }

Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the Garden of Eden.
Hell, some people say God avoids this place altogether.


One-Eyed Ghoul 隻眼の喰種 is a human-ghoul-hybrid. They only develop one kakugan, in contrast to normal ghouls who develop kakugans in both eyes. Due to hybrid vigour, one-eyed ghouls are said to become much more powerful than normal ghouls.


c-combo breaking sherlock fanarts for a Korra doodle!

dis gurl so fierce